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Netivot Shalom is a dynamic learning community. In our shul, we have many opportunities in which we learn together, both formally and informally.

On Shabbat, between Shacharit and Musaf, one of our community members presents a D’var Torah on the Parshat HaShavua. Both men and women are encouraged to offer Divrei Torah. Some people do so to celebrate a simcha or as a way of honoring the yahrzeit of a parent or grandparent. If you are interested and have never presented a D’var Torah before and need mentoring, we have a number of community members who are available to act in this capacity.

Each week, during Seuda Sh’lishit, we learn Mishna together. On Tuesday evening, we have chavruta learning at the shul. On the chagim, we present special shiurim and learning programs.

In addition, we have visiting Scholars-in-Residence several times a year. Among past Scholars-in-Residence are Rabbi Marc Angel, Rabbi Ross Singer, Mrs. Ruth Balinsky Friedman and Elana Maryles Sztokman. As we engage as a community, we explore topics both parsha related and ones that reflect our ongoing commitment to modernity and Orthodoxy.

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Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784