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   Full Member and dependent children ($100 / seat)
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   Associate Member ($180 / seat)
   Non-member / Guest ($250 / seat)
   2-5 Years Old
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Please consider donating for those requesting financial assistance.

Dues must be paid in full by September 1, 2019 to be considered a member for the above seats.

All Building Fund amounts are due on December 31, 2019.

Any special consideration should be addressed to our Treasurer (Susan Coleman, 410-486-8999).

To pay by check, you must be logged into your Shulcloud account.

*Full Member’s guest must either live in the household or be visiting from out of state.

Any person joining as a Full Member for the first time by September 1, 2019 will get $50 off his/her first year’s dues.


Summer learning on the lawn - shabbat afternoon 5:30 PM

July 20 – How a Modern, Committed, Believing Jew Does Midrash
Rabbi Daniel Epstein

At the home of Howard and Lisa Lederman

Interpreting, applying, expanding upon, and living-out the P’shat (Biblical Text) from both traditional (Midrash Aggada, Midrash Halacha, Talmud) and modern (“critical,” “original intent”) methods in ways that are authentic, relevant and compassionate.


August 3 – Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
Janice Colmar Michaelis

At the home of Jeff and Susan Coleman

Why would tomb stones in an old Jewish cemetery outside Kingston, Jamaica be inscribed with both Hebrew writing and skull and cross bones insignia? Janice Colmar Michaelis explains: “For many years I have lectured on the B’nai Anusim, the contemporary Christian descendants of the Jews of Spain who were expelled in 1492. In the course of my study I was surprised to learn that many of these Jews of Spain, instead of staying in Europe, went to the New World with Columbus and other explorers. There, they found new careers as pirates on the Caribbean.” Come and join Janice as she recounts the salty, 90% true tales of these daring Jews.


August 24– Book Club: In the Image by Dara Horn
Moderated by Ronda Arking

At the home of TBD

A young woman’s coming of age, a romantic love story, and a spiritual journey; each infused with the lessons of history. In the Image is an extraordinary first novel illuminated by spiritual exploration, one that remembers “a language, a literature, a held hand, an entire world lived and breathed in the image of God.” Bill Landsmann, an elderly Jewish refugee in a New Jersey suburb with a passion for travel, is obsessed with building his slide collection of images from the Bible that he finds scattered throughout the world. The novel begins when he crosses paths with his granddaughter’s friend, Leora, and continues by moving forward through her life and backward through his, revealing the unexpected links between his family’s past and her family’s future. Not just a first novel but a cultural event; a wedding of secular and religious forms of literature; In the Image neither lives in the past nor seeks to escape it, but rather assimilates it, in the best sense of the word, honoring what is lost and finding, among the lost things, the treasures that can renew the present.

Measles vaccination update

Dear Community Members:

As you are certainly aware, the number of measles cases and outbreaks continue to grow throughout the country. As such, it behooves us as individuals and as a community to continue our efforts at prevention.

As part of the ongoing response, the Baltimore County Health Department is providing another opportunity for people to protect themselves and their families by participating in a free vaccination clinic. Especially now, as travel to and from other impacted communities settles down, it is crucial that adults and children are up to date with the State Health Department recommendations for people at risk of exposure to the disease. As stated previously, members of our community are to be considered at risk of exposure, especially following the Pesach traveling season.

The next MMR Clinic will be hosted by the Baltimore County Health Department this Wednesday, May 1, at Bais Yaakov High School at 6302 Smith Ave in Baltimore County. Hours begin at 6 pm and the clinic will accept new patients through 8 pm, after which services will continue for those already in line only. This clinic is available for all non-pregnant adults and for children of all ages.

If you are between the ages of 30 and 62 and are unsure whether you have received 2 MMR vaccinations, please take advantage of the evening hours to ensure you receive the vaccine. This group has, in other communities, served as a component of the rapid spread of the disease, and increased immunization efforts for this group have successfully decreased Measles spread.


Sunflower Bakery - sweets of the month club

Hi Everyone,
I'm excited to share with you that Netivot Shalom will once again be partnering with Sunflower Bakery to bring the Sweets of the Month Club to Baltimore. Sunflower Bakery is a kosher bakery in Gaithersburg that employs people with cognitive and developmental disabilities (and makes really delicious baked goods).  Basically, once a month from September through June, you'll get a delivery of delicious (and often holiday-themed) baked goods conveniently delivered to our shul!  Click here  for more info, and to see the monthly offerings.  
Additionally, this partnership serves as a fundraiser for Netivot, with the shul getting a percentage of every subscription. To me, this is totally a get to support an amazing organization and support the shul, all while taking home delicious baked goods. You can sign up by going to and selecting Netivot Shalom on the dropdown for delivery location.  You need to sign up by September 1st for the full subscription.  Definitely feel free to share with friends...I hope you are as excited as I am!

Sat, August 17 2019 16 Av 5779