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Home Hospitality

​​​​​​Can you host for a meal or a Shabbos a shul member or potential family?  We are setting up a new Home Hospitality group.  If you want to be on it, please send your info to Janice Michaelis—

Are you visiting Baltimore? Looking for a new shul? Contact Janice Michaelis at and we will put you up for Shabbos or provide a meal.

Rosh Chodesh Group

Join Janice Michaelis in a study over the next several months of the Women of Eshet Chayil.  There is a midrash in Midrash ha-Gadol which assigns each verse to a righteous woman in the Tanah.  Some like Sarah, Rivkah, Leah and Rahel are all familiar. Others like Baya, the Widow of Tzarephath, Hatzlelponi and Serach may not be.  Our study will be focus on these “hidden women” the ones that we really know very little about.

Netivot Shalom Community Garden

Truly Holy ground, the Netivot Kiddush Garden is a place where community members come together for the common goal of growth. Literally, our bushes and vines grow sumptuous produce for our weekly Shabbat kiddush. However, we also grow spiritually by witnessing the miracle of botanical life cycles, from soil and seed to mature plant to compost and back to the beginning. And by donating our bounty to a local food pantry, we collectively experience the mitzvah of tzedakah. In all ways, we are proud that this project is truly a kiddush Hashem.

The Kiddush Garden is entering its third season and all participants are welcome. If you are interested we can find the task that suits you or teach you a new skill. If you have a particular gardening or building specialty that you want to share, we are thrilled to have your input. For more information please contact one of our garden captains:

Abbe Zuckerberg,

Judy Floam,


Greater Baltimore Jewish Community

The Baltimore Jewish community represents a wide spectrum of beliefs and approaches to Jewish expression. We take pride in the history and tradition of our area.

If you are interested in an overview of Jewish Baltimore click here.

For a list of Kosher supermarkets and restaurants click here.

For a list of Jewish day schools click here.



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